EV Charging Station Home Installation in Louisville, KY 

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Now that you have your electric vehicle in Louisville, KY, and are ready to save money on gas, the next step is figuring out how to charge it and keep it moving.

And while EV charging stations are becoming more widely available in public spaces, having one installed in your home can be convenient and easy.

If you’re thinking about it, there’s a lot to consider — not the least of which is finding an experienced EVCS installer like Long-Walker Electrical Services.

Our expert team is fully trained to install all types of EV chargers, including Tesla chargers. We offer a variety of charging station options to Louisville homeowners and we can help you choose the right one for your needs.

Types of EV Charging Stations

With the right EV charging set up in your garage or driveway, you’ll never have to worry about powering up again. Some features that make these stations so convenient include:

● Smart dashboards that let you know how much power is left in your battery

● High-powered ports that charge faster than most stations

● Compatibility with different models of EVs

The best way to determine which type of charging station is right for your car is to consult with an expert. At Long-Walker Electrical Services, we carry only the best-charging stations from leading manufacturers. We’ll be happy to recommend a model that will work well for your needs and budget.

Let’s take a look at the types of electric vehicle charging options available for your home charging station:

Level 1

This type of charger is a standard 120-volt outlet and is typically installed in an existing garage or carport.

This unit plugs into any standard outlet with a three-prong plug, such as those used for large appliances like refrigerators and clothes washers. It charges your car at the slowest rate, which is why it’s not practical for everyday use unless you only drive short distances and can wait overnight to charge your battery. However, it’s the easiest to install, offers greater flexibility, and is ideal for emergencies.

Level 2

Level 2 electric vehicle chargers are commonly used at public charging stations around town or installed in your garage at home. These chargers deliver a much higher power rate than Level 1 chargers and a 240-volt outlet is required.

However, installation requires more expertise, so hiring a qualified electrician is recommended.

Level 3

This type of fast-charging setup is also called DC fast charging, DC quick charging, or level 3 charging — providing 60 to 90 miles of range in just 20 minutes. DC fast chargers are usually found in public places and connect to high-voltage electricity directly, rather than to the typical 240-volt outlet used by most U.S. homes and businesses.

Benefits of a Home EV Charging Station

If you don’t have access to a charging station at work or while shopping or running errands, installing a home charging station will make life much easier! Having an EV charger at home will allow you to plug in every night and wake up to a fully-charged battery each morning.

You can take advantage of the many benefits they provide. These include:

  1. Convenience: Forget about waiting around while your car charges at a public charging station — you won’t need to plug in when you get home if you have your charger.
  2. Speed: Compared to other types of chargers, home chargers can charge your vehicle much faster. Most can charge at least 20% faster than plugging into a regular wall outlet (depending on the car), and some models offer even greater speeds.
  3. Cost savings: Charging at home is generally less expensive than using public charging stations, which typically charge by the minute or hour.
  4. Safety: Having your charging station means not having to deal with the elements and other hazards that come with using public stations. Some models also come with built-in safety features like overload protection and surge protection.
  5. More Control over Charging Times: Being able to plug in at any time of day gives you the flexibility to schedule your recharging times for when it’s most convenient for you and/or when electricity rates tend to be lower (which is usually at night).

Is EVCS Installation Right for You?

If you live in an apartment, there’s not much point in installing EVCS. But if you own a single-family home or condominium and have a garage or other protected place to park your car, the decision is not as simple. No need to worry though, because our experts at Long Walker Electrical can help guide you through this.

A few factors can help you decide if EVCS installation makes sense for you.

  • Do you have a garage or separate parking space? If you have a garage or parking spot that is close enough to your electrical panel, then installing a charging station could be a simple process for an experienced electrician.
  • How many electric cars do you have? If you only have one electric car and one gas-powered vehicle, the answer is probably no. In that case, it’s easier to charge on an extension cord.
  • How much do you drive? If your car stays parked in the garage most of the time, and you only take it out once or twice a week, a home charging station may not be necessary. On the other hand, if you drive every day and use your car frequently, a home charger makes sense.
  • Is there an electrical panel with sufficient capacity to handle the added load? The electrical panel is critical to ensure that other power-hungry devices still function properly while recharging is taking place.
  • Are utility rates high enough so that off-peak charging makes sense? It may make financial sense to recharge at off-peak hours, especially if your utility offers time-of-day or time-of-use pricing plans where rates are lower during off-peak times.

Louisville’s Trained Tesla Charging Station Installers

Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations are more than just outlets. They’re the gateway between your EV and the energy grid, and their installation requires the skills of a trained technician.

At Long-Walker Electrical Services, our technicians are fully trained in EV charging station installation. We can help you select the right equipment and get you set up with a reliable power source that charges your vehicle quickly without slowing down other devices or appliances in your home.

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